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Up Coming Litters

Obeng's Boxer's UP Coming Litter 2016-2017

Gypsy and Apollo

 100% European

 breeding end of December

Born 6/24/2019 

Upcoming Breeding Between

Iris X Apollo 100% European


Lola X Ero

Planned Breeding

Fall- Winter 2018


Wait List and reserve list

Wait list is a list of interested family that are wanting to ne conatacted once pups are

 whelped.  My reserve list is families that I have received a deposit from and waiting to

 chose their new pups once they are whelped.  Pups are choosen in the order that deposit

are received.  You can semd your deposit through US mail or paypal.  Deposit form which

 located on this site should also be sent through email. 

Reserved List

Deposit received

Parents Desired

Sex of  Pup Desired

1.  S.  Bresnen  *
2.  K.  Mullins  *
3.  T.  Monfort  *
4.  B.  Tredway*
5.  R.  Dugan
6.  J.  McCollum
7.  V. Smithers
8. K. Crowther

Next Available
next available
First Available  
First Availablle

First Available

Wait List

1.    W. Thrapp

2.    P.  Albert

3.    C.  Cain

4.    S.  Dannemillir

5.    C.  Gamble

6.    J.  Blake

7     K.  Hill

8.    H.  Bottles

9.    J.  Guy

10.  A.  Vassalotti

11.  T.  Johnson  

12. H.  Elzer

13.  K,  Curry

14.  L.  Simon

15.  A.  McGlone

16.  M.  Cruxton

17.  A.  Beausoleil

18.  E.  Keeny

19.  M.  Shadrach

20.  K.  Curry

21.  C.  Heaton

22.  E.  Palmer 

23.  A.  Games

24.  T & B  Bronson

25.  D &B Fair

26.  V.  Klatka

27.  V.  Klatka

28.  R.  Lynn

29.  M.  Walker

30.  L.  Dowlwe

31.  L.  Ferguson

32.  W.  Ford

33.  C.  Martin


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