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Quotes I have been to your home and have the best dog in the world from you.. .you have my stamp too!! Quotes
Melissa G.

Quotes It's nice to be reassured that I got my Elsa from a quality breeder. Keep it up!! Thanks Sheila Quotes
D. Dimond

Quotes Beau has filled a massive void in our family. He is so sweet yet so fun. He fits in like he was born here. Quotes
Joe Morris

Quotes OMG! Sheila! Your ears have to burn everyday. I talk about what a great breeder you are and how loved these puppies come to us new owners. I'm so glad Tina suggested that I take this beautiful little girl. She's a delight every minute of the day. Quotes
Sherry Morris

Quotes I tell everyone at my work about you and your website Im so glad My husband found you and I found Mylo he is the best addition to our family...Thank You!!! Quotes
Jessica Smith

Quotes Sheila, Thank you again for the awesome puppy! We are very excited to have him and give him a good home. It's fun meeting people that love boxers and it was definitely worth the 1950 miles we drove last weekend to get him! Hope the rest of the pups make there way to there new homes soon, unless of course you were wanting too keep them all! :) We will definitely be posting pics on your facebook regularly. Thanks again from the whole family! Quotes
James Webb

Quotes Hope you don't mind me sending you updated pics of Brutus !!! I am sooo proud of him !!!! He is the BEST !!! I love him !!!! He sleeps with us every night and he is so SMART !!! I have him housebroken and he knows his basic commands allready like sit , shake, fetch , stay and down . If you ever need anyone to vouch for you as a breeder let me know I will give you a great recommendation !!!! Thanks, Jenny Carroll , Mansfield Quotes
Jenny Carroll

Quotes We are enjoying our little "Chevy". We picked up another brindle pup as well, so they can grow up together. Chevy is going to be smaller than Bentley, but she sure packs a punch....loaded with personality. I'm sure that doesn't surprise you, as the apples don't fall far from the trees. She's just what we were looking for, and more. :) Quotes
Amy Bowden

Quotes I love my babygirl so much. I gotta tell u, I have worked with alotta dogs and ur breads are very attentive. I didn't have any real seperation problems with Jayda either. She seemed to fit perfectly like a puzzle piece. I think I'll end up with smartest dog on the westside. Thank you! Quotes
Jamie Kidwell